Expansion Plug Head from 55

"FGS" Head Ø 55

Installation temperature 0 °C +50 °C
Operating temperature -30 °C +80 °C

The “FGS” MECHANICAL EXPANSION PLUGS are used to fix insulating panels on supports, such as concrete and hollow bricks.

The material used to make these plugs is collision-proof, so they are safe to use even at low temperatures. The “FGS” expansion plugs are used to fix rigid panels such as polystyrene, polyurethane and cork.

To ensure the insulating panels are installed quickly and correctly with the “FGS” plugs, simultaneously drill a hole through the insulation material and the support with a 10 mm drill bit.

Hit the plug with a hammer to insert it until it adheres to the insulation, insert the nail and level it.

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