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Easykey is the multifunction key that can be used with the whole range of balance, martinetto, megamart and megamart s supports.

A convenient tool to make it easier to install raised flooring, including partly laid ones, facilitating the millimetric rotation of the adjustment ring nut and the quick closure of the two locknuts of the MegaMart Supports.
Moreover, on this type of supports it is essential to unlock the end strokes to insert the extensions.

EasyKey also helps remove the headpiece from the support head and, thanks to the peg, it allows you to unlock the heads from the relative bases and ring nut, as well as release the ring nut from the extension.

Three types of use

  • Millimetric rotation in all adjustable Impertek's supports
  • Extraction of the headpiece from the MegaMart and MegaMart S support heads
  • Release of the base on megamart supports to insert extensions
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With PEDESTAL LINE supports, you can create terraces, pool sides, walkways on roofing, hanging gardens, urban spaces and any other type of raised flooring you have in mind.

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