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Leveller LG-025 and GAS

Rubber Leveller LG-025 h 2.5 anti-shock

A leveller is a 2.5-millimetre-thick disc that can be used in combination with all supports for raised flooring: both fixed supports and Jack Supports as well as Megamart Supports.

The use of levellers becomes essential in all cases in which the subbase is particularly uneven or in which the overlapping of the waterproofing membrane creates considerable obstacles that cannot be corrected by using the supports only.

The leveller can also be used to correct tile imperfections when they have not been adjusted and therefore their thickness is irregular.

One can position them both under the support in order to correct it along its entire height or one can easily divide them, thanks to the pre-cuts, positioning them between a section of the support and the tile.

They are available in two materials: rigid polypropylene or soft rubber with anti-shock function.

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With PEDESTAL LINE supports, you can create terraces, pool sides, walkways on roofing, hanging gardens, urban spaces and any other type of raised flooring you have in mind.

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