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Num Prodotti / Escursione
2 Produits
h 22 ÷ 40 MM
Pavimenti Tile & Decking
per pavimenti tile & decking For Tile Floors & Decking Pour Planchers Carrelage & Decking Für Fliesenböden & Decking Para Pavimentos Tile Y Deck
Portata Massima
capacity up
to 400 KG/pc
Altezza Minima
Altezza Minima Minimum Height Hauteur Minimum Mindesthöhe Altura Mínima

minimart products are two particularly low supports, used with or without a specific headpiece and with an range between 22 and 30 mm or between 28 and 40 mm.

Right from their debut in 2008 with the launch of the top-of-the-range line MegaMart, underlying a new design philosophy, they represent the perfect link between fixed and adjustable supports. Like PrimeUP, they feature a 150-mm base that the head is screwed onto, complete with adjusting screw and prepared to house the specific headpiece, based on the design requirements of the floor.

Two products with reduced dimensions, that ensure a total range of 15 mm, easily and quickly (by simply rotating the adjusting head), even when part of the floor has already been laid and without having to resort to the use of wrenches or other tools.

Like the other products of the same family, MiniMart uses a system of interchangeable headpieces that rotating freely once in place allowing for height adjustment, even when part of the tiles have already been positioned. All types of MiniMart supports are guaranteed to carry concentrated loads of 400 kg each.

The two different MiniMart models are distinguished by the height of the support (h) and their range: MN1 from 22 to 30 mm, while MN2 from 28 to 40 mm. The upper base diameter (d1) that the headpiece is applied to and the bottom base diameter (d2) is 150 mm for both models. In the headless version, the codes of the two products are MNST1 and MNST2.

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Ø 150
Ø 150


With PEDESTAL LINE supports, you can create terraces, pool sides, walkways on roofing, hanging gardens, urban spaces and any other type of raised flooring you have in mind.

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