Impertek presents Dome

The new 25 mm extension for MiniPro and BalancePro supports

Impertek has always been very attentive to the needs of the raised flooring market, and this time is no exception. With Dome, the new extension for supports, Impertek aims to once again meet the demands of architects, designers and installers by offering an accessory for supports with numerous advantages.

The Dome extension has a height of 25 mm and a special design allowing it to be installed both on the brand-new MiniPro support and on the BalancePro “All in One System” support. Easy and quick to install, Dome has been designed with an interlocking system on the central screw of the two ranges of Pedestal Line supports.

One of the main advantages offered by the Dome extension is the possibility to reach greater heights without needing to change the type of support for raised floors. For example, by installing Dome on MiniPro, the patented support covering heights from 25 to 50 mm with a single product, it is possible to reach a height of 75 mm and above thanks to the overlapping extensions. The Dome extension can also be mounted on the BalancePro support covering heights from 25mm to 1025mm, providing the necessary extra height.

In addition to offering the possibility to reach greater heights without having to resort to numerous products, Dome greatly simplifies the entire process for the construction of raised floors. First of all, it simplifies the counting of the necessary supports for the project and also offers a significant advantage in terms of warehouse storage and on-site logistics. Its compatibility with MiniPro and BalancePro supports allows a reduced footprint with respect to the space occupied by multiple products and simplifies the management of the products themselves.

Whether a large construction site or a smaller project, the Dome extension is a valuable ally for industry operators both during the design phase and directly on site, especially when unexpected issues arise on the heights to be covered.
With the introduction of Dome, Impertek fully meets the demands of architects, designers and installers with a complete system for the construction of floating floors, reducing the variety of supports needed. In fact, using only three supports and two extensions, Dome and PBP10, it is possible to cover a wide range of heights ranging from 25 mm to 1025 mm.

With the new accessory in the Pedestal Line range, Impertek offers a solution that combines versatility, ease of installation and flexibility in the construction of raised outdoor floors.


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