With thirty years of active presence in the construction and architecture sectors, Impertek is a name that is known and acknowledged in Italy and worldwide.

The company is now not only structured and organised to provide high-quality products and performance, but also provide partnership that is able to support the customer during the design phases and proper installation of its products.

Decking is one of Impertek's strongpoints with supports designed and built ad hoc, interchangeable and adjustable heads of any type of substance and shape. In particular, the wide range of heads enables you to always find the right one for your needs: whether they are to be used to lay tiles or to lay planks on strips, for swimming pool edges or external bar and restaurant flooring.

Made in high-performance, resistant plastic, they can also be applied in high salinity areas. Such as MEGAMART strips for external flooring, which are suitable for any type of existing flooring due to the large adjustment excursion.

The innovative MEGAMART system enables a considerable reduction in installation times with great results. The flooring made can be inspected without any demolition and is perfectly level thanks to the millimetre adjusting ring-nut and EasyFlat slope corrector.

Our supports are not only made to solve all problems that professionals envisage when designing, but also to minimise warehouse management and space. An example? Strip supports, which cover heights from 35 to 380 mm and Megamart supports, which, together with the selection of ad hoc extensions and heads, raise floors up to 1020 mm, thus enabling raised floors even with significantly uneven flooring and resting on existing floors of any type.

Impertek's commitment to make specific products for flooring was put to the test at Domotex in Hanover and EXPO Milan. Our products used in the highly visited Brazilian pavilion have supported the flow of millions of visitors contributing to the life of the beautiful wooden floor selected for the international exhibition in Milan. In fact, our supports can easily withstand concentrated loads and walking since they can rely on extremely high resistance.

Impertek will also be present this coming April at the Coverings in Chicago, and in May at the Coverings in Dubai and Project Qatar in Doha. We love wood, but we love challenges even more. These three prestigious fairs will once again not only enable us to come face to face with wood, but also ceramic, natural stone and new materials for coverings and flooring.

While waiting for the three prestigious fairs to open their doors to visitors, we look forward to seeing you with your projects made with our products on www.impertek.com. We Love your Projects: a section totally dedicated to your best designs where you can display images of works in progress and finished projects, and give detailed description of your project and your company.

In 2016, Impertek starts this way: full of innovations. In fact, it is in the process of launching the new Internet site with new multimedia content, updated presence on social networks, pages dedicated to our social initiatives, a showcase with our customer's projects, and a space entirely dedicated to raised floors.

Important news also with regard to investments: works on the new offices are in their final stages. These offices will double the surface area, thus bringing the administration area to 1,000 square metres, with the construction of new research and development laboratories for new products. Provided with the latest machinery for tests and traction tests, as well as extremely sophisticated 3D printers to prototype new items, the new R&D department is an example of our ambition to offer innovative solutions to meet an increasingly demanding construction market.

A modern industrial building, which, a few years after its construction in 2001, was extended in order to bring the covered surface to 10,000 square metres on a total surface area of 27,000 m2. With increasing turnover and new market acquisitions, especially overseas, we look at 2016 with confidence. Aware of our potential, but above all the confidence that devoted customers show us daily by choosing us as a selected, reliable partner, we, together with our products and services, continue to support our customers' projects with enthusiasm and professionalism, and are always ready to contribute invisibly in order to make your world more solid and long-lasting.