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BALANCE SELF-LEVELLING HEAD: it eliminates the slope of the laying surface up to 5%

One of the main issues in building a raised flooring is a precise final levelling.
The ground or laying surface is never perfectly regular, hence the layer is obliged to continuous adjustments in height and slope for each single support.

To do so, he has classic tools at his disposal from the Impertek range, such as the levellers and EasyFlat, the stackable slope corrector. These tools, which are designed so as to be used with the support, are placed below the basis of the jack and allow a manual and precise adjustment. For laying situations with surfaces that are particularly irregular, Impertek has enriched the traditional range of level controls with an tool integrated in the jack: Balance, a self-levelling head that tilts automatically according to the laying surface, without the manual intervention of the layer.

Thanks to balance, the working times decrease, the tools required for laying decrease and the slope is automatically filled up, by correcting the inclination of the laying surface up to 5%.

Balance is a special type of head for jacks, that can purchased directly when supports are ordered, in lieu of the traditional heads. It is suitable to the entire range of supports that can be adjusted by jacks by Impertek, 15 products that cover a range from 25 to 392 mm of height. Applicable to supports suitable to any type of laying surface, Balance is designed both for wood decking and stone and ceramic flooring. Furthermore, it can be used in combination with conventional slope correctors for supports, thus increasing the percentage of correction. It is made up of 4 components: the coupling connector to the support body, where the head, the leveller and the anti-shock rubber are superposed for a further noise absorption, and the upper clamp, which allows the oscillating movement of the head below.

Once the support is positioned on the laying surface, even if inclined up to 5% of slope, the head stays perfectly levelled, without any manual intervention of the layer: Balance adjusts automatically to fill up the slope and create a perfectly levelled upper flooring.



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