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Testa Balance Autolivellante
testa balance autolivellante Balance Self-Levelling Head Tête Balance Autonivelante Selbstnivellierender Balance-Kopf Cabeza Balance Autolivellante
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h 25 ÷ 50 mm
Pavimenti Tile & Decking
per pavimenti tile & decking For Tile Floors & Decking Pour Planchers Carrelage & Decking Für Fliesenböden & Decking Para Pavimentos Tile Y Deck
Portata Massima
capacity up
to 400 kg/pc
Altezza Minima
Altezza Minima Minimum Height Hauteur Minimum Mindesthöhe Altura Mínima

From the innovative power of Balance and the unique features of PrimeUp comes MINIBALANCE, the lowest ever self-levelling adjustable support.

MiniBalance is the lowest adjustable support of the Impertek range with an integrated Balance self-levelling head: only 25 mm high, it can reach 50 mm thanks to an adjustable ring nut in three steps and two extensions supplied. Thanks to the self-levelling head, Balance automatically corrects the slope of the laying surface up to 5% and the anti-shock rubber levelling device guarantees improved noise absorption. It is also provided with a special adjustment ring nut under the head.

Divided into different steps, the ring nut could be rotated according to requirements, blocking the height of the support at one of the 3 different heights: the first step increases the height of MiniBalance by 5 mm, taking it from 25 to 30 mm; the second increases it by a further 5 mm (therefore 10 in total), and thus reaching 35 mm; while the third step increases it by a further 5 mm, now totalling 15 mm added to the height of MiniBalance, and taking it to a total of 40 mm.

Two extensions are supplied with MiniBalance, each 5 mm high, thanks to which the height of MiniBalance can be increased to reach a total of 50 mm (with the ring nut on step three and both extensions used).

MiniBalance can be used to create wooden decking solutions as well as stone and ceramic flooring and is compatible with the EasyFlat Slope Correctors to further increase the slope adjustment of the installation surface.

The three different MiniBalance models are distinguished by the extension under the base. MB1 is supplied without extension, MB2 with one extension and MB3 with two extensions.

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