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Deckofix is the new support for outdoor floors which can be installed on the ground. It replaces the concrete foundations and guarantees a perfect flatness of the upper flooring thanks to the levelling head.

Quick to install and easy to remove, Deckofix is the eco-friendliest solution to realize walkways, terracing and pool sides since, once removed, it leaves no trace in the environment and it could be completely recycled.

Deckofix, thanks to the 123 mm diameter, is perfect for the installation with 120x200 mms joists. It resists to atmospheric agents and to temperature from -50°C to +90°C. Each pedestal has a load capacity of 800 kg and is adjustable in height from 35 to 250 mm.

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With PEDESTAL LINE supports, you can create terraces, pool sides, walkways on roofing, hanging gardens, urban spaces and any other type of raised flooring you have in mind.

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