Martinetti Tutto Filetto Support

Num Prodotti / Escursione
3 products
H 85 ÷ 380 mm
Pavimenti Tile & Decking
per pavimenti in tile & decking
Portata Massima
capacity up
to 400 kg/pc
Più Prodotti in uno
Più Prodotti in 1

Martinetto Tutto Filetto supports: versatile adjustment and a wide range of heads for flooring in stone, ceramic and decking.

Great focus is placed on the Martinetto Tutto Filetto supports from the PEDESTAL LINE range of products which, with just 3 products, cover heights from 85 to 380 mm with an extension range of up to 170 mm for a single item.

As a result of its combination between the base, extensions and special heads, it’s an all-in-one product solution for installation on different types of construction sites.
A selection of as many as 8 types of heads guarantees the right solution, both for installation and tile finish (with tabs 18mm high and 2, 4, 6 or 10 mm thick) and with decking (flat with 120mm diameter, circular with housings for 40 or 60 mm joists, rectangular 90x120 mm or square 120x120 mm).

All types of Martinetto Supports are guaranteed to bear concentrated loads of 400 kg each. A 400 kg concentrated load means an evenly distributed load of 1,600 kg/m2 for 50x50 cm tiles and 2,500 kg/m2 for floors made up of 40x40 cm tiles.

The Martinetto support has been designed for installation of any type of flooring on any surface, allowing inspection of the various installations beneath, without needing to demolish anything, and can also be used with EasyFlat slope correctors to eliminate slopes up to 10%.

Ø 120
Ø 200


With PEDESTAL LINE supports, you can create terraces, pool sides, walkways on roofing, hanging gardens, urban spaces and any other type of raised flooring you have in mind.

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