Leister TRIAC Drive

Semi-Automatic Leister

Leister TRIAC Drive
This handy tool is used in circumstances where hand-operated blowers would be too small and not powerful enough and automatic equipment would be too bulky. With its small size and adjustable traction speed, TRIAC Drive can weld both vertically and horizontally around skylights. It has a CCA-certified seal of approval.

Fields of use
TRIAC Drive can be used to weld waterstops in tunnels, to quickly fix PE-HD geomembranes before welding with an extruder to weld PVC-P, TPO and PE sheets.

· temperature and speed that are constantly monitored and adjustable ensure better welding in less time;
· small, compact and easy to handle;
· faster welding speed compared to using hand-operated blowers;
· essential for use in confined spaces.

Leister TRIAC Drive elements
· Drive unit- Triac Pid
· bracket (single or double)
· manual guide handle
· roller (which determines the size of the weld)
· nozzle (corresponding to the size of the roller).


We recommend the grip nozzle to weld TPO polyolefin, Pe and the smooth nozzle to weld PVC.

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