TPE Speier Drain Connector

L 500 Perforated Flange

The TPE SPEIER DRAIN CONNECTORS are designed to connect waterproof felts to the rainwater drains placed close to walls and they can be positioned both horizontally and vertically.

Their special diameters ensure they are compatible with corner fittings with a watertight gasket. The wide and rough perforated flange ensures perfect adhesion with the bituminous sheath and with the shank as much as 500 mm long, you can pass through very thick walls.

The flange is slightly inclined to the shank to aid a slanted installation of the connector. The elastic material they are made with ensures long-term watertightness. The flange has a lot of holes to attach it mechanically to the slab and vertical wall, if necessary.

They provide excellent resilience to deterioration caused by the sun, ozone and other weather agents or chemicals normally found in the atmosphere.

The elasticity of the material allows for excellent flexibility even at low temperatures, which ensures mechanical and physical properties are maintained over time.

They are 100% compatible with APP and SBS prefabricated bituminous membranes and bituminous coats.

A sandwich installation between the two layers of membrane is recommended to achieve top performance. To improve adhesion, a thin coat of primer can be applied on the drain connectors beforehand.

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