HDPE Speier Drain Connector


The HDPE SPEIER DRAIN CONNECTORS are designed to connect the waterproof felts to the rainwater drains placed close to walls and they can be positioned both horizontally and vertically. Their special diameters ensure they are compatible with corner fittings with a watertight gasket.

The material these drain connectors are made with makes them, by means of a normal thermal plate for plumbers, to be welded with HDPE pipes allowing to obtain hermetic extensions also of long sizes. It is advised to fix mechanically with collars or bands drain pipes to the Speier drain connectors.

The wide and rough perforated flange ensures perfect adhesion with the bituminous sheath and with the shank as much as 500 mm long, you can pass through very thick walls. The flange is slightly inclined to the shank to aid a slanted installation of the connector. The elastic material they are made with ensures long-term watertightness.

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