Joint For Pvc Felts

Expansion And Contraction Joint For Waterproof Roofs

EXPANSION JOINTS for roofs are designed to absorb the various movements when there are structural joints in place

Because of its shape, its central bulb can adapt to the various movements, while the two fins on the side constantly ensure excellent anchoring to  synthetic PVC felts.

GDL bulb has two protective fins, while GDO bulb has as much as three fins, thereby ensuring greater protection.

The joint can also be sealed directly on site with a normal hot air blower. They provide excellent resilience to deterioration caused by the sun, ozone and other weather agents or chemicals normally found in the atmosphere.

The elasticity of the material allows for excellent flexibility even at low temperatures, which ensures mechanical and physical properties are maintained over time.

They are 100% compatible with  PVC prefabricated synthetic membranes. We recommend thoroughly cleaning the joint and the felt near the area where the profile will be welded. GDL and GDO joints can be used on roofs.

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