TPE Ideal Aerator

TPE H 160 - 240 - 400

IDEAL TPE AERATORS are designed to favour dynamic extraction of vapour that forms between the slab and the waterproof roofing felt. We recommend installing 3-4 aerators every 100 sqm to achieve top results. They can also be used as ventilation ducts, especially in combination with the Estraer cup.

With their special flared design, Ideal aerators h 160 and h 400 can also be used on ventilation ducts with an outer diameter as wide as 125 mm. The special shape of the aerators and cups provides constant ventilation for the roofing system or ventilation ducts.

They provide excellent resilience to deterioration caused by the sun, ozone and other weather agents or chemicals normally found in the atmosphere. The elasticity of the material allows for excellent flexibility even at low temperatures, which ensures mechanical and physical properties are maintained over time. They are 100% compatible with APP and SBS prefabricated bituminous membranes and bituminous coats.

The ribbing at the bottom of the flange, the quick and safe attachment of the cup, make Ideal aerators the optimal solution to discharge the vapour constantly forming between the slab and waterproofing.

Estraer used as a replacement for the normal cup increases the dynamic suction capacity thanks to the special trumpetlike design that makes the most of the venturi pipe’s suction properties, thereby always guaranteeing the best suction in any situation. The elastic material they are made with ensures long-term watertightness.

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