Ribbed Disc


TUNNEL DISCS are used to connect the diffuser felting to the tunnel’s wall. Once the discs have been attached to the wall, the waterproof PVC sheet is welded  to the discs themselves by using special hot air blowers.

The discs must be welded with a special gun with an explosive charge. Make sure there is a gap of about 70-80 cm between them when you install them. The whole surface of the discs must be welded to the PVC sheet to ensure greater watertightness in the event of pressure from standing water.

They are highly flexible even at low temperatures. Their physical and mechanical features remain over time. They are compatible with PVC synthetic waterproof felts.

Because of its special design, the RIBBED DISC can be perfectly welded to the PVC sheet even on very uneven surfaces. It also has a central groove to place the washer of the clamping nail.

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