Leister Triac

LEISTER TRIAC tools are used to weld waterproof synthetic felts. They have an output of 1500-1600 watts and the temperature can be adjusted from 40 to 620 C°.

The Triac AT has a liquid crystal display showing the set temperature and instantaneous temperature, allowing maximum control and optimum welding on all types of synthetic fabrics.

The plastic box allows you to store your tool once you have finished using it and also ensures maximum safety during transport by protecting your products on a daily basis.

Leister Triac
NAME Display LCD Voltage Power Plug T. min. T. max.
Leister triac st No 230 V 1600 W UE 2 poles 16A 40°C 700°C
Leister triac at Yes 230 V 1600 W UE 2 poles 16A 40°C 620°C