Leister Unidrive 500 semi-automatic welding machine

LEISTER UNIDRIVE 500 comes complete with box.
A compact semi-automatic welding machine with a two-handle guide, it is used to achieve the right pressure and safe welding. it can weld any overlap, even with small spaces.


  • Ergonomic handle for stable and optimal pressure in every welding position
  • Constant parameters and quality assurance, even at voltage below nominal value (up to 20%, after which the machine goes into shutdown mode)
  • Three times faster than a manual welding machine
  • Dual actuation to allow fast change of direction
  • Compact and light: 4.5 kg weight, 30 cm height
  • A chrome steel nozzle suitable for all welding applications
  • Maintenance-free carbon brushless motors
  • Intuitive user interface and operation via the display
Leister Unidrive 500 semi-automatic welding machine
NAME Display LCD Voltage Power Plug T. min. T. max.
Leister UNIDRIVE 500 Yes 230 V 2300 W CEE blue 3 poles 16A 100°C 580°C