An eco-friendly outdoor patio

Environmental sustainability in the construction of an outdoor patio using Deckofix by Impertek.

Hidden among fields and vineyards in a bright and peaceful setting, Casa dei Racconti is located just a few kilometres away from Venice and Treviso and is a small country relais House Hotel with six rooms, a kitchen that offers dishes from the local cuisine and an elegant outdoor infinity pool. This gorgeous retreat, far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, offers its guests a relaxing and tranquil experience.

The property was converted from an early 20th century country house into a small hotel that calls to mind the inns of the past. Casa dei Racconti is surrounded by a natural wood, where the guests can go for pleasant walks and discover the local flora and fauna. They can also explore the vegetable garden, where the vegetables used for the dishes prepared by the restaurant are grown, or enjoy a relaxing swim in the swimming pool.

The work carried out in this place surrounded by greenery included the construction of a 125 square metre patio near the swimming pool. A space designed not only for moments of relaxation thanks to the outdoor furniture, but which can also be used for parties and events where more foot traffic is expected.

Before starting the construction of the patio, the owner paid particular attention to environmental sustainability when choosing the materials to be used. Instead of resorting to traditional methods requiring the use of concrete as a base, The Property Chose the Deckofix support for raised floors by Impertek was chosen.

Deckofix is a support that is installed directly on the ground and ensures the perfect flatness of the floor thanks to its levelling head. Each support has a load-bearing capacity of 800 kg, can be adjusted in height from 35 to 250 mm and the screw can go as deep as 70 cm into the ground. For this project, 120 Deckofix elements were perfectly installed using special tools, such as the Deckodriver and the Deckotool positioner, which can be hired from Impertek.

This method not only reduces the environmental impact of the system, but also ensures fast and simple installation and easy removal. In fact, once removed, Deckofix leaves no trace in the environment and it can be completely recycled.

Deckofix offers many advantages: first of all, it is a valid alternative to the use of concrete, which requires more resources and can be harmful to the environment. In addition to this, it makes the soil more permeable by allowing rainwater to drain naturally into the ground. This helps preserve the ecosystem and promote the health of surrounding trees and plants.

After installing Impertek's Deckofix supports in the ground, the company Pavilegno created a substructure with an autoclave-impregnated glued laminated timber joist, followed by a fir structure treated directly on site with tar. For greater stability and strength of the raised floor, considering its use for events and greater foot traffic, a substructure with aluminium rafters was also built. The work was completed by laying gorgeous Ipe Lapacho natural wood planks for outdoor use. The result is a beautiful raised floor surrounded by southern ash trees and in perfect harmony with its surroundings.