Camping village Garden Paradiso


A new poolside that follows the slope changes

Camping Village Garden Paradiso is a corner of paradise, surrounded by nature and located along Cavallino-Treporti coast, near Venice. The 4-star campsite is constantly evolving to offer an always exceptional experience to its guests, this mission was recently rewarded with the TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice award.

Attention to safety and environmental protection is developed in every aspect of its structure. Garden Paradiso is actively committed to reduce the environmental impact in its structure: Impertek supports are produced from controlled industrial plastics, recycled and recyclable again at the end of their life cycle.

The campsite offers a wide variety of services for adults and young people, including an indoor swimming pool with wave generator and play area, a SPA equipped with all comforts, while outside you can find the other pools, the water park and the solarium. The entire swimming pool complex is connected by a raised floor made with more than 4,000 Impertek supports.

The project for the refurbishment of the pool side has been thought out down to the smallest detail, both to improve its aesthetic performance and to allow an easy maintenance of the covering and reduce the risk of surface breakage. The project has been realized with 60 cm wood-effect ceramic tiles.

The structure of the raised floor is made up of 4,050 Impertek supports with heights from 10 to 100 millimeters. For the realization have been used three different sizes of supports, Jack supports and PrimeUP, the smallest pedestal of the PEDESTAL LINE family. The peculiarity of this project is that the flooring was not levelled but it follows the different slopes in order to connect the heights of the existing floors.

To connect the slope changes in the best possible way, it was decided to use Rail System, the modular system consisting of joists that make the underlying support structure more compact and adaptable to sudden changes in slope. Furthermore, Rail System is ideal both for decking and stone or ceramic tiles of any shape and size. For example, in the various corners of the swimming pools, the ceramic plates were cut diagonally to follow the change in slope, then the aluminium Rail were locked along the diagonals to improve their stability.

In some areas were created some steps and it was possible to insert a lighting system in the riser. In addition, to ensure greater safety to the flooring, the areas where the machinery for the recovery of the sheets move, which cover the swimming pools during the night, have been reinforced, adding further support to the center of the large ceramic tiles.

When it comes to Impertek, nothing is left to chance, whether we are talking about safety or environmental sustainability, PEDESTAL LINE offers the optimal solution for every construction need.

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