A new fashion look for BalancePro of Impertek

Architecture inspired by fashion in Ceggia city centre

The project, commissioned by the prestigious boutique Eraldo Store, is based in the city centre of Ceggia, a small town within the Venice Metropolitan City. The ambitious plan represents a bridge, even literally, between the historic centre of the small town and its first peripheral area. It consists of three architectural interventions: a new building for the boutique, the renovation of the exhibition-logistics hub and the walkway over the canal that separates the two structures.

The urban project, designed by the architects Aldo Parisotto and Massimo Formenton, want to be an element of connection in an uneven urban fabric, whose intention is the recovery of the historic center and the revitalization of the peripheral areas in harmony with the context that surrounds them.

The boutique on the main building is spread over three floors and a basement, each floor is divided for sales areas and a private floor, covering a total of 2500 square meters, and a private floor. The building is a structure covered with basalt stone with open spaces created through glazed terraces, which creates a finished and neutral appearance on the outside and bright and transparent to the internal, allowing it to emerge silently in the city context

The floating floors of all the structure terraces are realized using the great variety of Impertek supports. The project for the construction of the terrace on the private floor involved a raised decking flooring with long wooden planks, while fixed supports were chosen for the internal patio.

For the other terraces, it was preferred to use marble tiles, with 4 mm joints, which match the external cladding of the building. Thanks to the BalancePro supports, it was possible to easily install different sizes of tiles, 4 centimeters thick, with running laying.

BalancePro is the revolutionary All in 1 system of Impertek for laying raised floors. With only 14 references it is possible to satisfy every installation need, BalancePro covers heights from 25 to 1025 millimeters and its head automatically adjusts the slope up to 5% and allows tightening from above using the special TOPKEY. The wide range of heads allows the installation of both Tile and Decking with flooring of any size and material.

Impertek supports were chosen because they combine stability, efficiency and speed of realization with ease and precision in laying. PEDESTAL LINE is the most complete range of products for the construction of raised floors and is able to offer solutions for every construction need. Furthermore, all Impertek products defend environmental sustainability because they are made with recycled and recyclable materials once their life cycle is complete.