Impertek, which always pays attention to ongoing technological innovation, provides its customers with actual support, customised and easy to use, revolutionising the concept of online estimates.

Impertek, a leading manufacturer of products for the construction industry for over 30 years, continues its innovation process. The Italian company, with headquarters near Venice, has become a positive example of “Made in Italy” production, with a smart and exponential growth in a market accounting for 60% of exports abroad.

From Europe to Asia, from the Middle East to Africa, from the USA to Canada, the Impertek brand is valued for its quality, cutting-edge technology, customised product development and its fast and effective organisation. Impertek offers a wide range of products, from roofing components to components for foundations, from fittings for tunnels to fixing components, from equipment to special items for construction sites. But the company’s flagship is its vast selection of supports for raised floorings.

An extensive range of fixed and adjustable supports capable of meeting all kinds of requirements, with a full range of Jack Supports, MegaMart, extensions with millimetre adjusting and interchangeable heads for any type of flooring. A series of constantly evolving products, for any type of flooring, from decking to ceramic floorings, with unique and innovative features, created to facilitate the work of the layer.

The wide ranges of Jack Supports and MegaMart are developed in smaller groups with similar characteristics, such as roofing for smaller or greater heights and adaptability of the head, which can be replaced according to the type of flooring used. Height adjustment also with part of the floor already laid, and the option to choose the most suitable type of head to meet the needs of a specific site become a real support for the layer; the fact that heads are interchangeable makes it easier to purchase compatible supports also in different projects or projects that change as the work progresses.


Impertek, which has always provided its customers with tangible support, has recently further extended the actual concept of customer "support" by creating a new product that goes completely beyond its production standards: MegaPro, a web application to design laying with the entire range of jack and MegaMart supports for external floating floors.

Accessible directly online, MegaPro has all the potentials of a website, including ease of use and constant updating. By logging in to a reserved area, exclusive for each customer, you can access a workspace to design the laying of supports on the basis of your own fully customisable technical drawing. The tools available replicate real ones, which are essential for a technical drawing table: drawing board, ruler, zoom, editing, etc., with the option to show the heights of each section.

The supports are chosen from the full range of Jack Supports and MegaMart and you can quickly set the characteristics of the flooring on which you are working. Moreover, a unique and key feature is that MegaPro allows you to save your projects and generate, for each one, specifications with details of the supports used. More informationa at www.impertek.com