The Pedestal range is a complete series of products designed for installing external raised flooring. A range of adjustable height supports and accessories for laying, which adapts to most situations in the construction site, finding the best solution for any type of flooring, from wooden and composite decking, to ceramic, concrete tiles and natural stone. Impertek supports cover differences in level starting from 10 millimetres up to heights of more than one metre, with capacity up to 800 kg and different families of specific products: the Mini Supports, for heights from 10 to 37 mm, the Jacks, from 25 to 392 mm and the MegaMart supports from 35 up to 1020 mm. Laying is simple and quick, supports underlying installations and can always be inspected. The height of the supports can be adjusted during the laying stage even on irregular flooring, and thanks to the new Balance self-levelling head, continuous adjustment of the height always goes hand in hand with perfect flatness of the final flooring.


Established in 1985 as a company specialised in the installation of PVC conduits and materials, today Impertek is one of the most well-known and successful companies in Italy, as well as abroad, in the field of manufacturing and marketing of waterproofing and construction components. With more than 60% of turnover coming from export, Impertek brand is known and appreciated for the quality of the materials provided. Impertek’s offering is wide: from roofing to foundation components, from waterstops to fixing components for the construction industry, from equipment to special items for construction sites. The company’s flagship is the production of supports for outdoor raised floors. An innovative technology that may be used with wooden, synthetic or stone floors, ensuring fast installation, removal of slopes, natural drainage of water and wiring.