Impertek introduces the new self-levelling head for Jack Supports

This year Impertek is going to launch on building market 5 new products, indispensable to realize external raised floorings. A range of adjustable supports and accessories essential to simplify work on site, among them 2 new supports with an incredible low height: Prime Up (adjustable support with a minimum height of 10 mm) and MiniBalance (selflevelling and adjustable support from 25 to 50 mm). Impertek, always aware of installer’s real needs, together with the new supports introduces to its customers three accessories for the wide range of adjustable pedestals: Vertical Wall Clips, Clips for Steps and Balance, the self-levelling head for all the Jack Supports.

Balance is the real innovation of Impertek, which compensates automatically up to 5% of slope. Balance works with all the Jack Supports range (15 products with an adjustable height from 25 to 395 mm), it is designed to suit easily to every surface and can be used together with the slope correctors for supports, so as to increase the slope correction range. Balance is composed by 4 overlapped parts. Starting from the bottom we find a connector to hook the screw of the support, upon it the head with the spacer wings available in different measures, integrated with an anti-shock rubber (recognizable for the orange colour), that guarantees an excellent noise absorbing result. Finally, the locking clip permits the head balancing movement to compensate automatically possible slopes.