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Dream poolside for Base Hotel

Speed and efficiency with Impertek supports

We are almost on the border between Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, following the tortuous path of the river that reaches Noventa di Piave, small oasis of tranquillity immersed in the countryside, with origins dating back to the 1st century BC, and today in a strategic position for food and wine, seaside and cultural tourism. Here the exclusive Base Hotel stands, distant a few kilometres from the artistic wonders of Venice, from the beaches of Jesolo and Caorle, and from the famous “Terra del Prosecco”, Valdobbiadene.

Base Hotel is equipped with luxurious rooms, curated in every detail to offer an experience of pure well-being, one spa, one fitness centre and an outdoor pool with a view of the countryside. The construction of the pool, in particular, had been a matter of an attentive technical and stylistic study.

Around the swimming pool we can find a raised floor with finishing in decking, developed on different hights for a total of about 500 sqm. Pedestrian path, lounge terrace and pool side are in this way a large single raised floor, with areas equipped with steps to move from one level to another. The whole, thanks to the long light wood boards, creates a feeling of great harmony with the green of the surrounding vegetation.

As a structure intended for a public use, the restoration of the area had to guarantee high standards of safety, solidity and durability. The designers therefore oriented themselves to the use of products by Impertek srl company, which supplied the materials necessary for the supporting structure: 1200 supports with variable height and 1000 extensions to create the right levels, as well as about 340 linear meters of aluminium joists. The supports and the accessories are part of PEDESTAL LINE, the modular system for create raised floors, able to offer a quick installation, logistic efficiency and the quality of products completely made in Italy with recycled plastics.

The restoration of the Base Hotel has been a project based on an important prearranged study to guarantee a simple realization, which would minimize the impact on the operation of the hotel.

The inauguration, of course, was a collective event, with an aperitif at the pool side and a dinner of wines and Venetian typical dishes, attended by our sales network and the entire Impertek staff.

Impertek, creator of the adjustable support PEDESTAL LINE, has been manufacturing products for the laying of raised floors, and in general for construction, for more than 30 years. Thanks to the range of pedestals and accessories, it solves problems connected to the laying of floors in stone, ceramic, decking, with boards or a mixed top finish. Ideal also for realizations with big-format stoneware boards, it guarantees stability, thermal-acoustic insulation, lightness and perfect flatness. Completely made in Italy and exported all over the world, these supports offer height adjustment from 10 to 1020 millimetres and can load a weight of up to 1000 kg each. A line of product in continuous growth and evolution, which presented Rail System last year: a single product composed of adjustable supports, aluminium joists and sliding heads to facilitate the out-of-format laying.

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