Terrazzo Melofioccolo

A splendid terrace in the heart of Naples with Impertek’s Pedestal Line supports.

Irregular slopes solved with self-levelling supports.

Naples, one of the most fascinating cities in Italy, is famous for many aspects, including its historical buildings and its wonderful panoramic views. In the heart of this fascinating city, more specifically in Vicolo Melofioccolo, there is a historical building that overlooks the very central Piazza Bovio, once known as Piazza Borsa.

On its top floor there is a 135-square-metre terrace with irregular shapes facing south. This panoramic terrace has been the subject of an ambitious renovation project involving Impertek and its range of raised floor supports.

The terrace, despite its privileged position, had several structural problems. The perimeter parapets were out of square and there were pre-existing steps on some sections of the parapet, as well as masonry pillars around which a raised floor had to be laid. Furthermore, the surface of the terrace was covered only by a bituminous membrane with very steep slopes due to a single wall drain outlet for the entire area.

The renovation job began with the complete overhaul of the waterproofing membrane. Two layers of bituminous membrane were applied, followed by a protective varnish for bituminous surfaces to protect the surface from the elements and ensure better durability.

After that, to create a perfectly flat raised floor, Impertek’s Pedestal Line supports were chosen, which, thanks to their technical characteristics and range of heights, solved the problem of the terrace’s irregular slopes. In particular, three products were used: MiniBalance, Balance, and BalancePro.

The types of supports installed have the common characteristic of having the integrated self-levelling head that automatically corrects the inclination of the laying surface up to 5%. MiniBalance was positioned in an area of the terrace with very low thresholds, given that the support covers heights from 25 to 50 mm. Balance and BalancePro were used to cover the majority of the laying surface, which required a higher range of heights.

The use of 450 Pedestal Line supports made it possible to create a stable and uniform floor, while guaranteeing the safety and functionality of the terrace. The choice of ceramic stoneware tiles in the 900x900 mm format gave the flooring a modern and sophisticated look, creating a welcoming and comfortable environment.

The renovation of this terrace in Naples is an excellent example of how you can recover an outdoor space, transforming it into a pleasant and usable place. Thanks to the choice of Impertek supports and their characteristics, it was possible to solve the problem of small and large slopes and create a perfectly flat floor. This terrace has been transformed into a space of relaxation and beauty in the heart of one of the most fascinating cities in Italy.

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