Hotel Villaggio Stromboli

solarium extension with Impertek Pedestal Line supports.

Hotel Villaggio Stromboli is a 4-star facility located in one of the most charming places in Calabria. The hotel village is a short distance away from the beach of Torre Marino, halfway between Tropea and Capo Vaticano, and is the ideal place for those who want a holiday in the name of comfort and Mediterranean cuisine.

The beating heart of Villaggio is the swimming pool area, which features two pools, one for adults and one for children, and is surrounded by a solarium area with umbrellas and sun loungers available to the guests. This is where the main day and night activities organized by the village take place and it is the best zone to enjoy the splendid sunsets and the view of the Stromboli volcano.

This area, particularly appreciated by the guests of the facility, has been the subject of various expansions over the years carried out with traditional construction work. For the last and most recent project to expand the solarium area, the owner of the facility opted for the creation of a raised floor with Impertek Pedestal Line supports. One of the main reasons behind this choice was the possibility of expanding the solarium without the need for invasive construction work. Thanks to this solution, the hotel easily adapted the space to the new needs without incurring high costs and long construction times.

To carry out the extension through the creation of a floating floor they chose Impertek supports, known for their functional characteristics and for their ease and speed of installation. They used height-adjustable supports and, in detail, 2875 MiniBalances with extensions with heights of 25-50 mm and 350 Balance supports with specific heights of 62-82 mm. The characteristic shared by these types of Impertek supports is the special self-levelling head that automatically corrects the inclination of the laying surfaces. The ease of adjustment and reliability of the pivot heads simplified the installation process and ensured a stable foundation for the tiles.

This saved the installers precious time during the laying phase while also guaranteeing perfectly levelled and safe flooring, especially in an area like the solarium where guests walk barefoot and relax comfortably. Indeed, in an outdoor area with a swimming pool it is essential to have an adequate drainage system to avoid water stagnation. A raised floor makes water flow correctly, ensuring that rainwater or pool water drains away efficiently. This helps prevent problems such as the formation of dangerous puddles and pools of water, the accumulation of moisture which could damage the flooring or the surrounding area.

The new solarium area of Hotel Villaggio Stromboli was then enriched with the laying of grey and white 60x120 tiles. Another great advantage offered by raised flooring is the flexibility of installation: for example, for another future expansion or for a change of style of the solarium area, all they need to do is replace the tiles with new ones, without demolition work. Impertek supports were chosen because they combine stability, efficiency, and speed of construction with ease and precision in installation.

 The Impertek Pedestal Line range offers solutions for laying any type of flooring and for any construction need with long-lasting and state-of-the-art results.

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