Impertek on the Podium



Over the last decades, the seaside town Jesolo hosted some of the most important Italian and international architects. The interventions for tourism have involved measures of urban redevelopment, from luxurious hotels to residences on the promenade, from the green lung to bio-building, from the skyscrapers to the commercial areas. Modernity is melted with the identity of a city focused to the change of lifestyles, to the principles of sustainability and to the environment quality.

In the city building development we can find Residence Podium, an apartment building with an innovative design signed by Elesticospa +3 studio and sponsored by Numeria sgr. Impertek contributed to realize supplying Balance supports from the Pedestal Line.

Podium overlooking Carducci square, between the very central via Bafile and via Aquileia. It is surrounded by greenery and located a few meters from the seafront of Jesolo, one of the most popular seaside towns in Northern Italy. This project with a unique design fits perfectly into the surrounding context abandoning the traditional compact shape. The large commercial spaces are situated on the ground floor, over this area there is the first floor, a large common outdoor living area. The eight floors of the residential building are developed over this open space (and it looks like the building is suspended in the air); the residence has an innovative curved shape designed to allow the light and the natural ventilation.

In harmony with the environment, between sea, lagoon and pine forest, it respects them characteristics thanks to a maximum energy saving that only an “A” class building can reach. The architecture idea recalls the rows of vineyard typical of Basso Piave areas, while the external finishing is characterized by a mosaic of tiles that recalls the colours of the sea, creating iridescent combinations and shades between the floors.

Energy Saving is an issue of international importance: the decrease of emissions into the atmosphere and the reduction of environmental impact are ever more pressing. The goal of Residence Podium project is to supply to the customer an energy-saving housing unit, thanks to the use of insulating materials and high thermal performance fixtures; in order to eliminate and handle thermal bridges and choosing systems that can guarantee high-performance with low consumption. Equally important is the choice to focus on exploiting the renewable energy (heat pumps and photovoltaic plans) to reduce the impact on the environment.

The distinctive trait of this project is the use of every support of Balance family: starting from the smallest PrimeUp line, adjustable from 10 to 25 mm (one of the smallest on the market), up to XL supports with a height of 392 mm.

Thanks to the use of more than 20.000 supports, the designers could appreciate the great adaptability of Impertek’s system, perfect both for tile and decking floors. Different materials have been laid on various areas of the building: ceramic tiles were chosen for private terraces of the flat and common areas, while decking has been used for solarium and swimming pools areas to add value to all the relaxation zone.

Balance Family is part of PEDESTAL LINE, a complete modular system of supports and accessories for raised floors, able to evolve according to design needs, to simplify the purchase and the storage of the products and to adapt to laying problems directly at the construction site. Pedestal Line is enriched with recent launch of BalancePro line, the most versatile and complete product on the market. The revolutionary system “All in one” satisfies every laying issue with 14 items, it covers heights from 25 to 1025 mm, automatically corrects slope and allows to adjust the height from the top thanks to TOPKEY.

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