Last 21st of October 2019, Impertek hosted an important meeting with Tradeimpex company of Bronzolo (BZ), specialized in retailing of products for buildings and floorings. Impertek has been studying advanced solutions for the realization of raised floors for years, which can be used for terraces or pool sides. Their use perfectly fits also with walkways on roofs, hanging gardens, squares urban spaces and gardens in general.

The aim of the day was to discover our products’ range, with particular attention to PEDESTAL LINE and its Rail System and adjustable supports for raised floors. The speaker of the meeting was our PEDESTAL LINE sales manager for Italy, Alberto Rossetto.

In order to better understand the potential of Impertek products, we introduced the company and all the items families that make up our production, then moving on to a demonstration phase. Thanks to the collaboration with a trusted installer, it was possible to put into practice a small installation with the new Rail System for laying ceramic boards (in this case the tiles had a size of 20x120 and 30x120 cm).

The division of the day in two moments, one theorical and one practical, was very useful because it allowed our guests to know the technical characteristics of the products and subsequently to see them used in a concrete situation. Thanks to this modular system, it was possible to realize a section of raised floors in a short time and with great precision. Rail System is composed by adjustable supports, RAIL joists and Top Rail AS heads for a perfect stability of the floor.

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