MiniPro: Mini size, Pro performance

Exclusive height range: from 25 to 50 mm with a single product for the installation of raised floors

At Cevisama 2023 fair - the ceramics, bathroom furnishings and natural stone exhibition in Valencia - Impertek presented a world preview: MiniPro, the support never seen before in the outdoor raised floors panorama.

MiniPro allows to cover heights from 25 to 50 mm with a single product, thanks to an adjustable base and the MiniDome extension included. No more different and numerous supports but a single product for all installation solutions.

In addition to the special range of heights, MiniPro has a new and wider head, that has a diameter of 150 mm for better adherence to the chosen finishing, guaranteeing greater installation stability.

The new support by Impertek includes the best features of the Pedestal Line range: MiniPro allows you to adjust the height from the top with the new Pocket Key, even after the tiles have been laid. It is possible to adjust the height from the base, for example when supports are installed in the middle of a tile or in another special situation, adding the twist lock ring to lock the adjustment from the top.

The head of the Minipro is self-levelling and allows to correct up to 5% of slope but it can be locked thanks to the Fix Ring, improving the stability in perimetral areas or in presence of very small tiles. Moreover, the head is equipped with the Antishock System, an interchangeable rummer shim that guarantees an excellent grip with the tile.

Many advantages in a single product for designers, installers, retailers and all the professionals. MiniPro optimizes storage spaces and logistics management in warehouses, simplifies the calculation of the necessary quantities and allows a quick and easy installation, ensuring safety and sturdiness.

This is another innovative product that enriches the Pedestal Line range offered by Impertek. MiniPro is the only solution adaptable to any type of construction and flooring that simplifies the work and improves it with state-of-the-art results.


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