MiniPro: ONE HEAD for tile and decking

Raised floors: Impertek launches MiniPro, the support with a single head for tiles and decking

Innovation is always a priority and that is why Impertek presents MiniPro: the first support for outdoor raised floors designed with a single head for laying both ceramic and stone or decking.

MiniPro is the support patented by Impertek which revolutionizes the panorama of raised flooring thanks to its special range of heights which allows regulation from 25 to 50 mm.

The feature that makes MiniPro unique is the dual functionality of the head. Its structure is suitable for laying any format of ceramic and stone boards, also choosing the joint thickness between 2 and 4 mm. Furthermore, thanks to the exclusive design of the tabs of the Easy On system, the head allows an easy and quick hooking of the aluminium joists, without further fixings and guaranteeing maximum installation stability.

With the special height regulations and the dual function head of the new MiniPro support, Impertek reduces the range of items on the market to a single product, optimizing the storage spaces and logistics management on construction sites, reducing transport volumes and simplifying the calculation of the quantities required for the projects.

The characteristics of this unique product are completed with the best features of the Pedestal Line range. In fact, MiniPro can be adjusted from the top with the special Pocket Key, even after laying the tiles and without removing them. It is also possible to manually increase or decrease the height also from the base thanks to the Twist Lock Ring when, for example, the support is positioned in the center of a tile.

The head of the new MiniPro support is also self-levelling and can automatically correct the slope up to 5% or it can be firmly blocked by applying the Fix Ring, in situations that require greater stability of the flooring.

MiniPro is intended to be the most innovative, complete and versatile product in the outdoor raised floor installation sector, simplifying work and becoming the only solution that adapts perfectly to any type of construction and flooring, always with impeccable results.

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