Impertek since 30 years supports construction and architecture sectors, with very high quality and performing products.

Foundations and coverings take advantage of reliable products, a technical staff and a company able to be the ideal partner to realize your own projects, even the more ambitious.

Impertek’s strength is decking, thanks to supports specifically designed and realised for it, with changeable headpieces suitable for every kind and size of decking. The wide range of headpieces permits to find the most suitable for every needs: whether for the laying of slabs or for the laying of decking on joists, for poolside or external bar and restaurant’s floorings.

Realized in high and resistance plastic material, our supports can be laid also in environments with high salinization; MEGAMART supports for outdoor flooring, thanks to their width adjustable excursion can be used with all types of flooring, even with the old ones. The innovative MEGAMART system allows to obtain a high result in a very short time. Final flooring can be easy to inspect without demolition and with a perfectly levelled thanks to the adjustable nut and the slope corrector Easy-flat.

Before this two prestigious fairs open their doors to the guests we are waiting for your projects realized with our products on www.impertek.com.
We love your projects: an entire section dedicated to your best works where you can show pictures of work in progress and already realized, detailed descriptions of the project and your company. Even this year we are ready to give our invisible support to make your world more firm and lasting.