Hi-Line Rooftop Bar


We are pleased to present the Hi-Line Rooftop Bar, the Crown Resort’s new rooftop bar in Perth, Australia, where Impertek’s Balance pedestals have been used to support 600 square metres of luxury flooring.

The Crown Resorts, which are among the world’s most modern and elegant complexes, are high luxury hotels with casinos, spas and various forms of entertainment, located in Australia’s main cities: Melbourne, Sydney and, of course, Perth. The Crown Perth was opened in 1985 and currently has nearly 6,000 employees and more than 2,500 gaming machines. The three hotels, the award-winning Crown Metropol and Crown Promenade and the brand new Crown Towers, together have more than 1,000 rooms, luxury suites and villas. Moreover, the complex features a golf course, a world-class convention centre, a 2,300-seat theatre, several gaming rooms, some spas and private spa facilities for guests and a large number of restaurants, bars, nightclubs and luxury retail outlets.

This imposing and sumptuous facility is home to the Hi-Line Rooftop Bar, located above the Crown Theatre, along the promenade connecting the three downtown hotels with the casino. A terrace of nearly 1,000 square metres, with a panoramic view of the beautiful skyline of the CBD - Perth’s central business district and beating heart, overlooking the Swan River and the Burswood Peninsula, from which the brand new Optus Stadium is visible, with its 60,000 seats. An extremely relaxing setting, where casino players and hotel guests can spend time in an elegant and spacious outdoor area, furnished in an extremely modern and stylish fashion, and enjoy cocktails and bar bites in a youthful, laid-back environment.

Wooden and thin white or black iron structures, simple geometric shapes, stools and armchairs lit by light bulbs on wires that alternate with evergreen plants and parasols. The flooring is made of wide tiles in dark and light grey porcelain measuring 60x60 cm, covering over 600 square metres. Below, there are as many as 2,300 Balance adjustable supports with a self-levelling head and heights ranging from 47 to 112 mm. The supports, which are all part of the Pedestal Line by Impertek, are provided with essential installation accessories. In addition to the Balance self-levelling head, which automatically corrects the slope of the substructure up to 5% to obtain perfectly levelled final flooring, there are pedestals with heads featuring specific wings for stone floorings, along with pedestals with heads designed for decking floorings, CP slope correctors and the latest addition to the Impertek range of products, i.e. Clips that allow for the construction of perfect steps and vertical fixing.

Photo Credit: Stevie Jane Langford