Until now, the idea of constructing raised flooring using joists was unthinkable for ceramic and stone products, especially large ones. Now, however, Rail System by Impertek makes it possible to construct raised outdoor flooring with large-format gres porcelain panels. Rail System forms part of the Pedestal Line, and adds three new elements to Impertek’s range of pedestals and accessories:

• Rail is a new joist, made of strong, lightweight aluminium, designed to be fastened to the heads of pedestals from the Pedestal Line; used in conjunction with MegaMart pedestals, it provides load capacity and solidity that cannot be matched by joist-free installation systems;

• the second major new development is Click Rail Head, a new head for the MegaMart line, which can be quickly fastened to the aluminium profile to ensure the utmost stability and safety of installation;

• lastly, the new Top Rail AS Heads are designed with a diameter of 120mm so that they can accommodate ceramic panels of any size, and provide topclass acoustic performance, thanks to the AS anti-shock and anti-slip rubber designed for soft, secure support. The tabs at the top, which are 10 mm high and 2 or 4 mm thick, help create a precise, elegant joint between tiles, and are for easy removal when laying tiles along perimeters or end-to-end. Top Rail AS Heads have two clips at the bottom for fixing them to the joist, but they can still slide longitudinally to facilitate alignment in the right position.