As of now, as well as offering products, Impertek also gives you the tools you need to develop your projects.

A leading manufacturer of building products for over 30 years, Impertek has never stopped innovating. It has always provided its customers with the support they need, and has now extended this concept by creating MegaPro, a web application for designing coverings laid using Jack Supports and MegaMart supports for exterior floating floors. Accessible directly online, MegaPro has all the strengths of a website, including ease of use and constant updating.

By logging into your own unique reserved area, you can access a workspace where you can design covering projects on the basis of your own fully customisable technical drawing.

The virtual tools on hand replicate the real ones you need for technical drawing, such as a drawing board, ruler, zoom, editing function, etc., plus the possibility of showing the height of each section. The supports are chosen from the full range of Jack and MegaMart Supports, and you can quickly set the characteristics of the flooring on which you are working. Another unique and vital feature of MegaPro is that it enables you to save your projects and generate specifications for each one, with details of the supports used.

Impertek has always paid close attention to technological innovation, and is now providing its customers with customised, easyto-use support, thus revolutionising the concept of online estimates.

IMPERTEK presents new website on way to CERSAIE

Impertek has always been committed to offering practical support to design professionals, so it is no surprise that the company’s new website, http://www.impertek.it/, is completely new not only in its graphics but in content and services too.

The new site is designed primarily for existing customers who have already used Impertek products in the field, but it also serves the needs of builders and architects in search of new solutions for the design and installation of floating floors, coverings and waterproofing products. Navigation through the new site is more intuitive, content is more useful, and catalogues have been updated to include the latest products. Last but not least, the site now offers an on-line expert consulting service capable of offering realtime responses to problems associated with the design, execution and installation of state-of-the-art works.

A user-friendly and constantly available interface lets users find answers to specific questions or simply satisfy their curiosity and find new ways to put their ideas into practice. Impertek is back at Cersaie this year again to showcase effective solutions for floating floors in solid and composite wood, ceramic, marble and granite.

Impertek support structures are specially designed to construct outdoor floors of exceptional efficiency in terms of strength and durability, and are ideal for use on terraces, around swimming pools, and on paths, roofs and hanging gardens.