Impertek, which has been manufacturing construction materials for over 30 years, is continuing its journey of innovation with the development of MegaPro, a web application for the design of floating flooring for outdoor applications using Martinetto and MegaMart pedestals. By logging into their own special reserved area, customers can use MegaPro to access a work space where they can design pedestal-mounted flooring according to their own, fully customisable technical drawing.

The available tools replicate the functions of real ones, such as line marking, ruler, zoom, editing etc., and enable you to display the heights of each point. The pedestals are selected from the entire Martinetti and MegaMart range, and it only takes a few seconds to set the characteristics of your floor.

Another key function is that MegaPro enables you to save your projects and generate a technical specification for each one, showing the details of the pedestals used. With its characteristically keen eye for technological evolution, Impertek has provided its customers with valuable support, in customised, easy-to-use form, which revolutionises the concept of on-line quotes.